White spots on teeth

White spots on teeth are a result of several factors. Most of the time, have many white spots can be caused by poor nutrition, genetic or related topics may also be the result of excessive use of fluoride. Some children also develop white spots on teeth as they develop. Most of the time, the white spots on the teeth are actually areas of decalcified enamel makes teeth deteriorate after a while. Some dentists also believe that the causes of stains can be a cavity which causes the enamel decalcification.

The white patches are the result of a particular factor, but does not have to be serious, and in some cases, can be eliminated. Here are some tips before starting treatment to remove teeth white.

  • The white patches are the result of tooth decay, ask your dentist for the best treatment
  • Consult your dentist before you begin searching for ways to treat discoloration.
  • Avoid using bleaching agents, only contributes to tooth damage.
  • You can use a fluoride treatment if the cause of the discoloration is lack of minerals.

Causes of white spots on teeth

White spots on teeth can be the result of several things. May be the result of hyperplasia, which is a mineral deficiency. To address this, the patient should eat nutritious foods and so take care of your overall health not just teeth. By eating the right kinds of foods, it is able to have a healthier life. The calcium-rich foods and those rich in minerals can be very beneficial.

If you think you have weird stains on the teeth, you should seek the advice of the dentist, because nowadays, medicines and other dental products are very expensive, and if you buy one that is not working properly or is not what you need in your case, then you are wasting your time and money. You lose nothing by seeking input from a professional dentist. Seek professional help to keep teeth bright and healthy. Caring for your teeth is not as expensive as people think, it is actually very efficient, because if all goes well, you just have to visit the dentist twice a year.

Usually, the white spots appearing on the teeth are actually areas of decalcified enamel and sometimes this problem leads to deterioration of the teeth. Some dentistsconinciden that the first evidence of tooth decay is a white spot lesion, as this description means that the tooth enamel has acquired an opaque color in the area where the cavity is beginning to form.

White spots on teeth can appear after changes have occurred in the mineral content of the teeth of a person (which happens often during childhood). White spots may also appear in connection with a condition called fluorosis, which is the result of having an excessive intake of fluoride. People living in areas where drinking water contains a high fluoride level often encounter this problem.

As we mentioned, the white spot lesions are also commonly attributed to having braces or orthodontics. People with braces often have trouble properly brushing and the result is a buildup of plaque. The acids in plaque can severely harm tooth enamel and eventually cause cavities. The first evidence of this type of decay is the white decalcified enamel stain or injury that becomes apparent when braces are removed.

The white spots (or unsightly areas where the enamel is decalcified) can be extremely annoying when retire brackets because usually the part of the tooth that has remained underneath the orthodontic bracket permanezcepotegida front plate, while bacteria continue to attack the area around the brackets. This means that when the braces are removed the teeth appear stained them.

Treatment of white spots on teeth

Treatment options for white spots on teeth can include fluoride treatment and bonding and porcelain laminate placement depending on the severity of the problem.

Most people do not realize that sometimes have white and shiny teeth is not necessarily a good thing. Therefore, if you notice that your teeth are becoming whiter automatically, without you doing anything special for it (like using bleach), it may be necessary that you go to the dentist can be a bad sign.

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