The snuff and dental health

When we think of the fact that the snuff affects our health, most of us only interact with irreparable damage to your lungs. But forget the damage it can cause in our oral health. And our mouth is the first recipient of smoke which we aspire when we smoke.

Initially, our teeth begin to gradually stain and this happens due to the tar and nicotine in saliva are dissolved to penetrate into the tooth and across the enamel to reach the dentin.

People using dentures not only suffer stained teeth, but they are also more likely to accumulate plaque and gum problems develop.

Consumption of snuff can irritate the gum tissue causing it to retract, exposing the tooth root and increasing the risk of dental caries. It also causes lesions in the oral mucosa and increases the risk of developing oral cancer, throat and esophagus.

As if all this were not enough, smoking alters the normal state of the microbial flora causing bad breath. And all this without the most common symptoms of periodontal diseases such as redness of the gums, mobility of teeth and increased sensitivity to cold or heat.

As a result of all the above factors, the smoker who neglects their oral care runs the risk of losing twice that persons teeth nonsmokers.

The negative changes in your mouth caused by snuff begin to develop from the time you eat the first pack of cigarettes, so if you’re not ready to quit should pay close attention to your oral health.

It is advisable to visit your dentist at least twice a year for a complete dental cleaning and overhaul, in order to detect periodontal disease and other conditions caused by cigarette use.

And be sure to keep a strict regimen of daily oral care that includes a good brushing teeth, flossing, mouthwash, and if possible, a tongue cleaner.

Remember that because the smoker inhales smoke a lot, you need to remove in each cleanings smoke constituents, to help them cope with gum consequences detailed above.

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