Transparent Brackets

The transparent braces or clear braces are very discreet and are as versatile as traditional metal braces. They can be combined with white wires so that they look even more discreet.

The elastic bands surrounding thin supports and securing the wire are not discrete. This is because they tend to turn yellow due to the time spent in contact with food coloring. If you want the tires go unnoticed, try to change them regularly. It is also essential to brush your teeth after every meal (with a regular toothbrush and interdental brush teeth) in order to maintain and moan brackets in good condition long term.

The wires are white metal alloys covered with a white layer. It is therefore necessary to limit the micro-trauma. That is to say, do not give bumps and mistreat the brackets because if you do, you’ll lose the white color. Avoid using wooden toothpicks, piercings, chew bones, give blows with the fork, etc..

Recommendations for clear brackets

  • Do not eat sticky or crunchy foods.
  • Brush your teeth after every meal.
  • The teeth may be tender to chew for at least 3 days after you placed the brackets and tighten them. You can take some paracetamol if you feel any severe pain but be careful and follow the instructions on the package and your dentist. If you have any questions, consult your orthodontist or pharmacist.
  • At the beginning of treatment you may suffer some irritation because the clear brackets can scratch the inside of the cheeks and lips. Apply a little wax orthodontic brackets will produce irritation. The wax can be left in place during meals, but keep caring that does not come off because you’ll end. Do not worry if you accidentally ingest, poses no risk to your health. Over time, the mucous membrane that covers the cheeks and lips becomes more resistant and is no longer necessary to use the wax after two weeks. Some people are more sensitive and take longer or may even need it at all times bearing brackets.
  • Between the first and second visit, orthodontic wires used to move the teeth are very thin and can slide from side to side and irritate the cheek. You can use tweezers to pull the cable and slide again away and it is placed in the right place. If you think you can mess it up, do not touch it and wait until you get to the specialist’s office.

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