Does piercing in the tongue produce electricity

Yes, because the contact between the jeweler piece and a filling or a dental prosthesis acts as an electric battery. Saliva, slightly acidic and salty, acts as a conductive medium.

The metal of the piercing and the one of the employee by the dentist unleash an oxidoreduction reaction: the noblest one as the silver of the amalgam. Oxidizes the vilest (case of aluminum, titanium and iron).

The flow of electrons thus generated creates an imperceptible electric current, as its intensity is a few mill amperes, but sufficient in theory to interfere with the nerve receptors located on the tongue. Do not forget that nerve cells transmit the sensations they capture from the outside to the brain in the form of electrical impulses.

Normally, the mini-current generated by the piercing affects the trigeminal nerve, which passes through the mouth and the ear.