How to fight the fear of the dentist in our children

The visits to the dentist must be periodic, every 6 months, in such a way that a preventive treatment is carried out and avoid cures, which are what the children fear the most.

Take your child, from baby to dentist to familiarize with the consultation and the instruments in sight and thus avoid that when you become a child and treat him for the first time have a trauma.

Remind him that oral hygiene is necessary for good dental health. The brush and the use of dental floss are essential.

Before your first visit to the dentist, you must have your child accompany you to a short session so that the child sees that you do not scare or complain. At that time the dentist can take advantage of what he/she is doing, avoiding words that produce fear.

It transmits to your little confidence and security. Do not lie to him saying that it will hurt him, what you can do is tell him that it will hurt but only a little bit and that it will happen quickly.

Do not use the dentist as a weapon of punishment or threat.

If a previous traumatic dental experience already exists, resort to techniques such as Conscious Sedation.