Importance of washing teeth

Brushing your teeth is part of the habits of personal hygiene. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth after every meal, brushing the tooth all over the tooth, in other words, not only from the front, but also from the back and the crowns (bottom of the tooth). Tooth in the case of the upper teeth, and upper tooth base in the case of the lower teeth.

Why do you have to brush your teeth?

Now, why is brushing your teeth so important? Here are some reasons:

An aesthetic question: To begin with, it is an aesthetic question, of the appearance of the teeth. Whoever brushes their teeth at least once a day will be able to keep them much cleaner than those who never do it or do it once a week, for example?

This importance, in general, lies in the majority of people since everyone wants to see their white teeth, but mainly in people who are exposed to the public, such as actors, singers, politicians, etc.

Avoid diseases:  those who brush their teeth correctly and at least once a day, are less likely to form cavities and / or gingivitis, than those who do not. However, performing this action on a daily basis not only prevents cavities and / or gingivitis from forming, but also causes diseases. Those who have a poorly sanitized mouth, are prone to contract any disease because they make the mouth the gateway for bacteria.

Prevents the fall of the teeth: Arriving to an extreme case, the oral hygiene cannot lead to the loss of the denture , how does this happen. It begins with the formation of gingivitis, which are bacteria lodged in the gums, these they go to take a reddish color, swells and bleed.

By not brushing the teeth, the lodged bacteria continue advancing reaching the per alveolar bone and periodontal ligament, once they are lodged there, the teeth begin to loosen and can fall as they begin to lose their support, the bone. This disease is known as advanced periodontitis.

This affects not only the person in the aesthetic but also in the diet, because the teeth are the only element that our body possesses that is capable of crushing the food to be able to ingest it. When not possessing them, the variety of food intake is limited to a very small amount, which can lead the person to feed in an incorrect way, that is, to have a bad diet.

A sign of neatness: Another aspect for which it is considered a very important action to brush your teeth is because it gives a neat appearance to the person, of interest for his body and presence, this facilitates for example, obtaining a job, since if a person is well dressed, clean, etc. he is more likely to be given the job on the one that is presented to an interview in an untidy way, since this gives the feeling of little commitment.

In conclusion, brushing teeth is important both for the health of the person, not to have diseases or lose teeth, as for aesthetics.