Is tooth whitening safe

Teeth whitening is an aesthetic treatment to lighten the tone of the teeth. The coloration occurs with the passage of time due to the wear of the enamel, although the whitening has more and more demand.

It is a very simple procedure, with immediate results and without any side effects on the teeth, provided it is carried out under the supervision of a specialist. The most effective option is combined whitening, in which customized splints are designed for the patient to use at home and then with a led lamp in the clinic. It is the treatment that guarantees the best results.

Before starting any type of treatment, the patient should undergo a general review to check that there are no other pathologies such as decay, because they should be treated before starting whitening. It is also important to perform a professional oral cleaning beforehand. After this procedure, the patient receives a personalized whitening kit, with custom splints with which to apply the whitening gel at home for 15 days. Afterwards, proceed to the clinical session with LED lamp.

The teeth whitening products on the market lose effectiveness because they do not have the supervision of a dentist. “The effects of this type of treatment are scarce, because they have hardly any concentration of peroxide, so that the results obtained are far from those obtained from those achieved by professional whitening.