Primary education in oral health

Removing a child’s tooth means that the other pieces are affected, the tooth keeps a space for the permanent to come out, everything has its time, it will fall when the other is about to leave, but if Is it removed before it alters the space of the permanent teeth?

The problems start from babies, the teeth can sprout with decay, to have the gum full of plaque dentobacteriana, the temporary tooth may have been contaminated by microorganisms and destroy it, so when it sprouts is already decayed.

To prevent is cheap, cleaning the teeth can help you to prevent tooth decay and any other problem?

Mothers do not know that you have to take care of permanent teeth. At five months of pregnancy the opposite ones are formed, four from above and four from below and the first molars. The most important teeth were formed at birth, inside your body are already like pea pod.

Therefore, it is important that mothers take the baby with the pediatric dentist as soon as possible, since the prevention must be done before they manifest the problems in the child’s teeth.

For caries to develop requires four factors: the tooth, diet, time, and that there is microorganism. If the circle is broken, there will be no decay.

As well as habits of hygiene and a good technique of brushing, can you would avoid the cavities and the total destruction of the dental pieces, in addition to other major evils , says experts in pediatric.