Limitations in orthodontics for adults

Many people think that orthodontics is a process only compatible with adolescent patients, however this statement is wrong because adults can also benefit from this treatment whose purpose is to correct dental misalignment. Despite this, we must take into account a number of limitations in orthodontics for adults, this being a topic that we will discuss below with the aim of knowing the characteristics of this process.

Limitations in orthodontics for adults | what should we know?

When we refer to Orthodontics we do it thinking about the braces that are placed to the adolescents once they have developed the permanent dentition, anyway as we have said before, this process is not strictly necessary to take place in this period. That anyone, regardless of their age, can correct the position of their teeth. In any case, it is recommended that this treatment take place during adolescence since the circumstances are the most favorable and this will affect a faster and more comfortable process for the patient.

Over the years, problems arise as well as age-specific limitations. In the case of orthodontics, we must mention a series of common situations that will hinder this process, such as the loss of teeth or the problems of periodontal character. In addition to this we cannot forget that the problems related to the temporomandibular joint are also common and this situation, together with the immobility of the bone structure, will make the process of placement of the dental pieces difficult and, for this reason, it is common for Orthodontic processes in adult patients have a longer average duration compared to treatment in adolescents.

Despite these limitations, it should be noted that orthodontics in adults is a highly recommended option if we take into account that this process is not only responsible for improving the patient’s dental aesthetics, but also proposes interesting changes and improvements related to oral functionality. On the other hand we cannot forget the wide variety of techniques of orthodontics that we have at our disposal and that offer us the possibility of achieving excellent results through comfortable methods and that respect the dental aesthetics during the process. One of the techniques that has a greater claim among adults is Envisaging, a method that stands out for using transparent and removable aligners to get the correct alignment of the teeth, being a technique that not only does not worsen the aesthetics but also offers us great comfort during the process.