Six reasons to go to a private dentist for insurance or franchises

For the personalized treatment

One of the main inconveniences for the patient when going to an insurance clinic or franchise is the high turnover of personnel that are produced in these centers. For the patient it is very important that in the center in which they are treated they know their case deeply and for this it is imperative that they always be attended by the same people.

Because of the level of training of doctors

Due to the great proliferation of dentists as a result of the opening of private universities, dentistry is mass. Previously licensed dentists were hired in private clinics and in these they were gaining experience little by little before treating advanced patients. At the moment, the recently graduated students are hired by mutual and franchises that require them to work according to very strict protocols in terms of economic returns, maximum treatment times or materials used.

This way of working creates habits in the young dentist who ends up understanding the profession as a matter of economic margins and thus, measures his agenda in function of How many teeth are you going to remove, implant implants or endodontic parts since of the amount of these treatments so aggressive depends your payroll at the end of the month.

For the vocational component versus the business component

In general, new dentists are forced to practice a dentistry that is based on obtaining the highest profit margin. Both the franchises and the clinics belonging to mutual societies are managed by companies and not by doctors or dentists and therefore seek economic performance. Obviously it cannot be said that private dentists do not pursue the same purpose, after all it is a job. However, we must not forget that the dentist has an unquestionable medical vocation that is what determines his way of working and his dealings with the patient.

For the quality of the materials used:

In general, the private dentist uses materials of better quality than the franchises or mutual. The reason is simple, in our case, if things go wrong the ultimate responsibility is ours. In addition, as health professionals we take pleasure in well-done work capable of delivering predictable long-term results. In other types of centers the dentist is an employee who has absolutely no decision-making power over the materials used or how he uses them because his work obeys other issues in which the patient’s health is not the only priority.

For the guarantees in the treatments:

As a consequence of the above, generally in the private consultations the doctor becomes partially or totally responsible for those treatments that do not work as expected. In general this type of situations are very rare when working properly and with suitable materials and that is the reason why we can take responsibility. However, this cannot be so when the form of work is precarious and so are the conditions. The chances of something going wrong are enormous and that is why these types of centers are not responsible and wait for the patient to report (usually with little success) or go to another dental center.