Remedies for a one year old child

The exit of the teeth can be as uncomfortable for the parents as for the small of a year. A baby tooth runs a painful path through your child’s gums, causing pain, swelling and salivation. According to, your child probably has his first tooth between four and seven months of age, when it is easy to cure his pain with a massage. Giving massage to a child’s gums when his first tooth is coming out is much safer than sticking your finger into his mouth with teeth when he’s a year old and has pain. You will have to find a creative way to find remedies for this pain.

Frozen food

Chewing applies pressure to the gums, which helps the tooth to cut through the tissue. Let your little masticate bread sticks or hardened bread in the oven. Freeze bread, like biscuits, so your child chews during the hot days. Giving your little one-year-old fruit and frozen vegetables gives you a cold remedy for the pain you feel, combined with good nutrition. You can easily hold a frozen banana, but you should always monitor it when you eat these foods. You may have already developed the front teeth up and down, which will allow you to bite off pieces large enough to run the risk of drowning.


Provides and other toys to chew on your little one during the time of pain by the teeth. Place these toys in the refrigerator or freezer for a short time to improve the effect. Do not encourage your child to suck toys, as this causes blood to cram into your baby’s gums, resulting in pressure and pain.

Skin care

Some of the pain that comes with the leakage of teeth arises from the irritation of the skin on the chin of your child caused by excessive salivation. Your child’s body reacts to inflamed gums by increasing the production of saliva. Avoid discomfort and irritation by keeping your child’s chin dry or by applying oil jelly before bedtime and after bathing.


Use the power of distraction to reduce your child’s symptoms. Complaints of pain and irritability often increase during the night, when the child has time to think about their discomfort. Sleepless nights lead to tired days, exacerbating the discomfort caused by the coming out of the teeth.


You may be able to compare over-the-counter, homeopathic medications and solutions to reduce pain and inflammation due to the leakage of teeth. The FDA banned a homeopathic remedy in October 2010 because it contained belladonna which, in high doses, can cause seizures, shortness of breath, lethargy, muscle weakness and other serious symptoms. If your child does not respond to your efforts to reduce your discomfort, consult your pediatrician or dentist to rule out diseases such as ear infections.