Pregnant women can go to the dentist

During pregnancy, the woman experiences a number of changes in her body that can lead to the appearance of problems in the teeth and gums. For this reason, it is necessary to have a special dental care to prevent possible bacteria from being transmitted to the baby in the womb.

During pregnancy it is very normal for the woman to consume more sugars, to have more acidity in the mouth, to have to eat more times a day, and therefore to develop some inflammation. Gingivitis (inflammation in the gums) is one of them. The pregnant woman can receive dental treatment at any stage of pregnancy. However, it is the second trimester (between the fourth and sixth month of pregnancy), the most opportune moment for it, since at this stage it enjoys greater stability, and there are fewer risks for the mother and the baby.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, it is contraindicated that the woman takes drugs, make X-rays, since they can affect the normal development of the baby. In this period, she should perform only emergency dental treatments, which she cannot postpone.

In the second trimester, the pregnant woman can perform emergency treatment, and protective X-rays (apron and lead-lined thyroid collar).

And in the third quarter, only emergency treatments are advised. Visits to the dentist should be short, and radiographs should always be done with protection. In case the woman needs a local anesthetic, it will be the professional who will take care of her, who will choose the most appropriate anesthetic.

At all stages, it is very important for women to increase their oral hygiene. Brush teeth daily, use dental floss and interproximal brushes. During pregnancy, many women focus their attention more on the baby and end up forgetting their own oral hygiene.