Dental teeth whitening tips

White teeth go a long way in improving personal appearance, clearing smiles and project a healthy image. As such, people will often large-and sometimes expensive or potentially harmful-lengths teeth whitening. However, many simple, cheap and natural tooth tips can help whiten your teeth and keep them white for the long term.

Dental maintenance

Preventive measures help teeth stay white and reduce the current discoloration. Brush and floss regularly to fight stains, to prevent cavities and reduce plaque and tarter. It is better to brush after every meal; If this is not possible, wash your mouth with water to prevent discoloration. When using purchased products dental hygiene, fluoride content search. While many toothpastes and some water supplies contain fluoride, too much of the chemical can discolor teeth. Also, mouthwashes with high alcohol content can cause discoloration; an antibacterial mouthwash herb alleviates this problem.

Useful food

Although some foods can stain teeth-preventable brushing after meals-other help keep them white. Mashed strawberries in a paste or rubbed directly on the teeth serves as a bleaching agent. Be sure to rinse your mouth out with water after using whitening strawberries, as acid can also damage teeth fruit. Celery, carrots, broccoli and cucumbers have an abrasive natural texture that acts as a toothbrush organic whitening classes. Such increasingly popular, lemons serve as an organic home remedy for tooth whitening as citric acid cuts through fruit stains. Also, orange and other citrus peels rubbed onto the teeth aid in the bleaching process. For the finishing touch, grind the shells with lemon juice, salt and bay leaves. Be careful when using whitening citrus; while the acidic qualities help remove stains, too you can eat through tooth enamel.

Other natural remedies

Sodium bicarbonate serves as natural and accessible remedy tooth whitening, Mixed with a pinch of salt and a capful of white vinegar to natural whitening toothpaste at home. Sodium peroxide for one of the most effective whitening combo’s bicarbonate. Avoid swallowing this mixture and rinse with water after use, although a little darker, potassium hydroxide-also known as lye or wood-ash serves as a bleaching agent. This extreme measure can do more harm than good, however, damaging the enamel.

Things to avoid

One of the best tips to whiten your teeth is to maintain white teeth first. To prevent staining and discoloration, keep away from any use of snuff, either chewing or smoking. Drinking fluids staining of teeth like coffee and tea in moderation. Together these three culprits, cola and wine murderers can also stain teeth. Avoiding these things will help prevent further damage to discolored teeth. Be sure to brush after consuming food potentially fading to keep your teeth white as possible.