Dental problems increase in summer

We take vacations to relax in many ways. One is the relaxation as far as oral health is concerned: we are more, we make more meals away from home and we tend to eat more sweets, ice cream and soft drinks. That greatly affects our teeth and cavities, hence it is important to see a professional for dental treatment and, above all, to bear in mind a series of guidelines to prevent rather than regret.

  1. Toothbrush and toothpaste: always in your bag or backpack. While we understand that much time away from home is, that is no impediment to let our bag dental cleaning kit. Try to clean your teeth after every meal and if you think that is impossible or uncomfortable, do not forget at least after breakfast and after dinner, are two of the key moments of the day.
  2. Mouthwash to strengthen cleaning: Considering sure we will clean teeth less-for the morning and the night, reinforce your oral hygiene using interdental cleaning elixirs and dental floss. They can help make up for what we failed to do on the other side.
  3. Drink plenty of water: In summer halitosis problems usually occur. This is due to increased consumption of alcohol and the consumption of snuff. To prevent bad breath, it will help us drink plenty of water as this helps to keep the flow of saliva and moisturizing the oral mucosa.
  4. Onset or worsening of tooth sensitivity: This is largely due to the consumption of food and cold drinks, especially soft drinks typically have an acid pH. It is recommended brushing consume nothing acid, at least one hour at most. No excessive force to prevent tooth wear by combining the acid and brushing. Also used pastes or gels for sensitive teeth toothpaste is the best.
  5. The splints, always with us: Finally, it is aimed at people with braces and splints relaxation. Do not forget at home while you’re out and about. Try to wear it as far as possible, albeit discontinuously.