Cosmetic teeth whitening procedures

Why cosmetic whitening a shining white teeth pearl series is a resource for everyone and causes a lot of confidence, completely changing the way you look and feel about themselves. There are various causes of discolored teeth get. Drinking coffee, tea, nicotine, red wine and some antibiotics have lost their natural teeth and lustier brightness.

More and more people are turning to the dentist office for a restoration of lost lustier of discolored teeth. Take a trip to the dentist office for lost luster, thanks to advances in the field of cosmetic teeth whitening or bleaching.

As teeth whitening cosmetics are made ​​Bleaching refers to a process in which the spots on the patient’s teeth is relieved or eliminated by the use of chemicals. This work is done in the office or residence of cosmetic dentists in a patient with materials provided by the dentist. The home method is often preferred because it saves valuable time for the patient because they do not have to make frequent visits to the dentist for treatment. Let’s look at how cosmetic teeth whitening are done at home, before the dentist creates a mouth tray as for the patient.

This tray is a crucial part of treatment. The aim is to ensure that the correct amount of whitening solution teeth of patients using and get the correct exposure to the solution. Here, far from the mouth tray comes in free size as all mouth trays cannot foresee the safety of patients or the whitening effect is set. The custom tray increases patient safety and whitening results in general.

The home teeth whitening procedure is quite simple and straightforward. The cosmetic dentist provides the patient with the right material and detailed instructions for treatment. It also makes the patient understands the routine procedures and answer any questions. It can also provide supervision of off-site if necessary, and the patient feels any difficulty.

The complete treatment may require two or three hours in the mouth tray with the solution must be maintained in patient’s mouth. You may need to leave in the mouth as needed, and the result sought by the patient. A typical procedure is to follow the cosmetic teeth whitening treatment at home for two or three weeks and a follow up visit with the cosmetic dentist. There is another process known as laser bleaching. The procedure is a little different from the previous one. After cleaning the teeth, a bleaching agent (carbide peroxide) is applied to the teeth.

Then laser contact with the gel. The energy of the light activates the crystals in the laser, which whiten teeth sink into the tooth enamel, and accelerates the whitening process. The severity of fading determines the time required for the process.

Pros and cons of whitening advantages:the general desire of chemical teeth whitening is the improvement in the appearance, beauty and a healthy lifestyle. A pearly white smile projects a younger, friendly and energetic and has an attractive appearance immediately associated with it.

Disadvantages: There is the dark side of chemical teeth whitening is the inconvenience it brings. Some people complain of sore gums. The chemically sensitive people should always do so under the supervision of physicians experienced. Place the tray in the mouth can cause discomfort for some. Furthermore, the research results show that the success rate of chemical bleaching teeth is 78%. Severe cases of tooth discoloration can only be treated sheets or corona treatment. Close Recent advances in the field of cosmetic dentistry procedures with multiple whitening have opened a new avenue for those who want a radical change in appearance and the appearance.