Cosmetic Dentistry-What really mean

What is cosmetic dentistry? First, it is a new form of dentistry that has just begun to rise. The goal of regular dental job is to keep the mouth clean, prevent, diagnose and treat diseases such as dental caries and periodontal disease.

However, the goal of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the aesthetic quality of your smile and mouth over-all. As plastic surgery aims to help people look better, cosmetic dentistry does the same with the teeth of the people. Cosmetic dental procedures are always voluntary or elective and not required to treat any medical problems.

Teeth whitening are one of the procedures most popular cosmetic dentistry performed today. Smoking, drinking coffee, red wine and green tea, and eating certain foods can cause tooth staining. Poor oral hygiene can also because teeth lose their natural shine white. Often, a simple tooth whitening procedure can provide a real change of image for the entire face, brighten your smile and improve your whole complexion.

Cosmetic dentistry may also include the use of natural, white fillers instead of metals. These fillers are made of a composite of materials such as porcelain in general. The specific color can also be adjusted to correspond to a single color own tooth, helping to improve the natural appearance. Not only do these new natural fillings, they look great but are healthier because they reduce the toxicity of heavy metals in your system.

Another popular procedure today cosmetic dentistry is always fouling and / or coatings. It is covering filling cavities covered instead of simply filling. You put a lid on it, so to speak. With inlays and on lays, the impression of fillings is reduced. Another procedure in demand for cosmetic dentistry is now known as composite bonding, this method of repair broken and chipped teeth making them again.

Chips for gaps, cracks, and sometimes veneers are another cosmetic dentistry option. Use rolled sheet composite or bonded to the surface of porcelain teeth to repair the area of ​​the missing tooth. Dental implants are also available with a number of gaps, cracks or missing teeth there. These are like the artificial teeth that attach directly to the jawbone.

Other cosmetic dentistry concept is being done is the smile make-over. These make-overs require a full assessment of the appearance of your smile. A smile makeover is different from a full mouth reconstruction, which usually involves non-elective procedures such as over- or corrects your bite. Smile makeover often work in both the upper and lower jawlines. Often during smile make-over (and other cosmetic dentistry procedures) people find they need traditional dental work besides their cosmetic procedures.